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Music DRM Removal | How to play iTunes DRM protected music on other devices?

Can not play your iTunes music on non-Apple devices?

Before the year of 2009, iTunes purchased music is under the protection of DRM, which attempts to prevent customer from playing iTunes music on other incompatible devices. Although DRM prevents music from being unauthorized copying and protects publisher and supplier's benefits, it brings a lot of inconvenience for customers to share music freely. DRM protected music must be periodically to have the License revalidated. Upon expiring, the files will remind you that "Please sync to continue your music subscription".

In addition, iTunes DRM protected music is M4P format and the non-protected music is M4A format. Some devices do not support it. Therefore, if you want to play them properly on your devices, you need to convert the music after getting rid of DRM protection.

Remove DRM from iTunes music and convert it to lots of audio formats:

If you are looking for a program that can accomplish all the tasks of removing DRM and converting music to compatible formats, DRM Media Converter for Windows is your best choice. Just with a few clicks, you can get non-DRM music quickly. See more details as below.

System Requirements: Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista Windows 7/8. Go to DRM Removal for Mac

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  • Install and launch the DRM Music Removal for Windows.
  • Drag iTunes songs to the program directly. Or you can click "Add..." button to add the music.
  • From the "Audio files to:" drop down list, select an output format for DRM-free music.
  • Hit on "Start" button to remove DRM and start conversion.

Remove DRM from iTunes music

After conversion, you can click "Find Target" button to get DRM-free songs in folder. Enjoy the DRM-free music anytime on the go without limitations!

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